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Must be a US citizen with a Social Security Number.


Must have an unexpired, US issued ID or Federal ID/Passport


Must have established credit to complete the KBA verification. 


Must have access to high speed internet with Audio and Video Capabilities and have an email address.


Must have a mobile phone and be able to receive texts. 

Having use of the phone camera feature to upload a picture of their ID is recommended, but not required.

(This is for the verification process)

If you do NOT have a US mobile number, please let us know.


Why do I have to have established credit?

The KBA verification will be using your credit history to generate questions only you have knowledge of, such as "Which Bank did you finance your vehicle through?" 

What is KBA Verification?

KBA is a Knowledge Based Authentication that requires the signer to answer 5 questions regarding their private information prior to entering the digital closing. The signer will have 2 minutes and must answer 4/5 questions correct.

The notary does NOT have access to your answers.

Only 2 attempts to answer these can be made in a 24 hour period. If failed twice, the RON session cannot move forward and will need rescheduled.

What do I do with my ID?

You will be prompted to take a picture with your smartphone or computer. Take a clear picture, with no glare on the ID. 

Why do I need high speed internet?

The notary will be meeting with you on Zoom for a video/audio conference. In order for the call to be clear and recorded without interruption, a high-speed internet connection is required for smooth streaming. 

What if I do not have a US mobile number?

If you do not have a US mobile number, you will have an option to have a link emailed to you. This link will still need to be opened up in your email on the mobile phone. The emailed link will allow you to take a picture of your ID with your phone. 

Want to arrange a RON Signing?

Please email

Details of pricing will vary on type of signing

and amount of signers. 

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