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Patriot Act ID Verification

Most all loan packages will have an ID verification form included for the notary to complete. This is a required by financial institutions to obtain, verify, and identify the customer.

These forms are commonly referred to as the patriot act, but some may be labeled differently and be a different format. While the form looks simple enough, this is one that I see come back with errors that screams "I'm a newbie!"

Look at the 4 different examples and pay attention to what is being asked of the notary.

Does the form require one or two forms of ID?

Which Forms of ID are acceptable?

Who Signs this form?

The biggest mistakes I see is new notaries completing this with a notary stamp. This form will not be notarized. You will NOT be adding a stamp under your signature. (There is not notarial wording for a stamp to be placed)

Also, unless stated that the borrower is to sign in a specific location, the patriot act is to be completed and signed by the notary public.

Patriot Act training
Download PDF • 1.39MB

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