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Ways to take title in Arizona as a married couple

Have you ever got to a loan signing and the married couple has to choose how to take title? As an LSA, you are not allowed to give this legal advise and explaining the options is not recommended.

You'll discover some loan packets already have determined the vesting, and some may or may not provide a visual form for them to read and choose on their own. Finding a form to carry in your briefcase may be beneficial to help you in this scenario where options are not provided. Always encourage the signer to get guidance on their option from a professional.

Do a little googling and you can find many forms for "how to take title in Arizona" that may be in more details.

Here's an example of the 3 ways a married couple can take title. This is not intended to be used for legal purposes.

Note, this does not include a married person taking title as their sole and separate property. That option should be established prior to your signing. Their should also be a disclaimer deed for the spouse that is not going on title to sign.

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